Boston Priests Answer the Call.

Growing up on the edge of poverty, Hector wrestled with homelessness, and was struggling to find food. While playing basketball in a local Church league, he met Fr. Paul O’Brien, who encouraged him to go to college.

Fr. Paul was there for Hector at every step of his journey to college and beyond. With his help and guidance, Hector went on to play basketball for Regis College, graduate, and now works as a school counselor to give back to students the same hope and inspiration he received. Like Fr. Paul, our senior priests in good standing have been helping others for decades.

See Hector’s Inspirational Story.

Please Support Our Priests.

As we celebrate this Easter with our families and friends, please remember the Boston priests who have helped us along our life journey and consider making a gift of thanks to the special Easter collection for their health and retirement needs.