Confirmation I

Grade Nine is the first half of the two-part Confirmation program and required even for Catholic School students. This year will focus on deepening the student’s faith.  We will incorporate many facets of everyday Christian life into our gatherings, including prayer, praise and worship. We will discuss what it means to be a follower of Christ and learn how to walk in His way of life, even today, when society has drifted so far away from the values and teachings of Jesus. We will support each other in this often difficult journey, by finding Christian ways to embrace and overcome the challenges we all face, which will not only bring us closer to Christ, but to each other as well.

Class meets every other week in-person and each student will be assigned a class time

2020-2021 Grades 7 to 9 class calendar (PDF, 93K)

Tuition is $50 (Includes program fee and Confirmation robe fee)