Dear Parents,

I welcome all new and returning families to the St. Joseph Parish Religious Education program. A few years ago, we introduced a new model for teaching the children. Religious education in the classroom was not working. We found that many did not know their faith and were not developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Many had no support at home in the practice of their faith.

Here at St. Joseph, we offer faith formation for grades 1 through 10.  The elementary grades, with the exception of grade 2, are primarily home schooled. We have taken religious education out of the classroom and put it back into the home where it belongs with parents being the first teachers of their children.  There is much flexibility to this program. The parents can schedule how and when they will teach the faith to their children. We are asking that by the end of the 6th grade that the children know the sacraments, 10 commandments, basic prayers and how to go to confession but most especially that they are praying and reading the Bible daily and going to Church each week. I thank you for your support for this program and all its benefits.

Your children have been given to you by God with the huge responsibility of guiding them in their faith formation. Although this can seem like a daunting task, please know that we have many programs and resources available to assist you along the way. I can only imagine, when reunited in heaven, the gratitude these children will express to their parents for seeing not only to their physical needs but more importantly to their spiritual well being.

God love you,

Fr. Ron