St. Joseph Parish has assistive hearing devices available in the church for all Masses including weddings and funerals and for confession

Williams receiver and neck loop.

Our current sound system provides several options for Mass.  Please read below to see if one of these options might be of use to you or your loved one.

  1. Neck Loop System – This system is for use with a T-Coil enabled hearing aid. Our system, through the use of a belt pack receiver and neck loop, can connect wirelessly to a hearing aid to provide better sound. Your hearing aid may, or may not, have this option.
  2. Over the Ear Headphones – These headphones completely cover both ears. It is powered by a belt pack receiver and can provide hearing assistance to parishioners either with or without an existing hearing aid.
  3. Mono Earbud – For those that do not currently have a hearing aid but would like to benefit from this system with a clearer sound, the system provides one earbud (Mono) powered by a belt pack receiver.
  4. Personal Headphones or Earbuds – Our system will work with any headphones or earbuds that you own.  You will still need to borrow our belt pack receiver to plug into.

In addition, if you do not wish to share your device, you can purchase your own to bring to church with you.  Just contact the rectory and we can order one for you.  The cost is listed below:

  • Belt pack receiver $130
  • Neck Loop $65
  • Headphones – Varies depending on the device

Williams Pocket Talker

For confession, we offer a pocket talker.  Just tell the priest that you wish to use hearing assistance and put on the headphones.  The priest can speak into the microphone.  Adjust the volume to your comfort level.