Bereavement Program

Wondering how you will get through the pathways of grief?
The Bereavement Community at St. Joseph Parish meets monthly and welcomes anyone who has experienced a loss either through death or the breakup of a relationship. Members may come for one or all meetings and are free to share their experience or just come and listen to others’ experiences.

After a candlelight prayer ceremony members discuss how they met the challenges in their loss, such as: anger, fear, stress, denial, anxiety, depression, negotiation, and acceptance. Suggestions are exchanged on approaches to handling each stage. Materials are distributed so members may review what they have heard at later times.

Visitors Always Welcome

There isn’t a standard length of time for grieving. Loss affects each one of us differently, and members of our group are at different stages of grief. Anyone who is experiencing a loss, no matter how long ago is welcome. Call (617) 697-0888 for information on maintaining traditions or introducing new ones. Discern ways to live in the moment while keeping memories of loved ones fresh and meaningful.

The Bereavement Community meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the St Joseph Room in the rectory.