Pastor’s Reflection for May 31, 2015

Dear Parishioners,

The following was the front page news in last week’s Boston Globe:

Dublin – Ireland has become the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote, sweeping aside the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church in a resounding victory Saturday for the gay rights movement and placing the country at the vanguard of social change. With the final ballots counted, the vote was 62 percent in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, and 38 percent opposed.

How discouraging, depressing, and alarming in a spiritual perspective. The blindness of people as to how they are being seduced by the evil one. This all began with Adam and Eve with God telling them that if they were to eat from the tree of knowledge, they would die. The devil told them the opposite that they would become gods. Well, the devil lied, God spoke the truth and death came into the world. At the time of Noah, people were living sinful lives, they were having a grand old time living in opposition to the laws of God. Well, the flood came to cleanse the earth. THE SEDUCTION OF THE EVIL ONE CONTINUES.

Concerning the abortion issue, we were told the woman has a right to choose. It is her body. Yes, a woman can choose to get pregnant (except the issue of rape) but it is another body she carries and she cannot decide for the death of that person. We are told in some circles that a fetus becomes human at a certain state. Really? If the man (human) provides the seed and the woman (human) provides the egg, isn’t it logical that the product of that union is human from the first moment of conception? Watch what happens when you leave it alone and let it grow. With the same sex marriage, the political correct language is that it is a civil right. The author (God) of marriage states that it is the union of man and woman and the act of intimacy is the language of oneness and open to procreation (be fruitful and multiply.)

Today many people only focus on the pleasure of the marital act and not the deeper meaning and language that it symbolizes. A vote for same sex marriage is not a vote for civil rights but a vote for sodomy and blatant rebellion against the law of God.  It is not a sin to be homosexual as it is not a sin to be heterosexual. It is a sin if one engages in sexual activity outside the marriage state for both. There are many reasons one could bring forth for the condition that we are in. The following could be one of them: The Pew Research Center reported that Americans who described themselves as Christians dropped from 78 percent to 71 percent between 2007 and 2014 while the number of atheists, agnostics or those with no faith grew from 16 percent to 23 percent of those who still call themselves Christians, how many practice and know their faith? Thus, when we have voting on moral issues, who do you think will be the winners? Even though a majority pass immoral laws, God is still God and history has recorded Genesis to Revelation, a people living in darkness will suffer a consequence for their evil and are in danger if they do not repent will lose eternal life. We pray for God to have mercy on us and for us to wake up from our slumber and blindness to see that we are in a spiritual warfare and not to surrender and give up the fight. Let us stand boldly as disciples of the Lord Jesus.

Since some were away last holiday weekend, I wish to again thank all who gave cards, gifts, spirituals, and your presence on the occasion of my priesthood anniversary.

As a reminder, the monthly Healing Mass is this Wednesday, June 3, starting with the recitation of the rosary at 7:00 p.m.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,