Pastor’s Reflection for July 31, 2016

Dear Parishioners,

This week we saw the end of the political conventions. They each gave us the platforms of their political party. I wish that they would embrace the teachings of Jesus as the foundation of their platforms; Respect of every human being, right to life from the moment of conception, serving the needs of others, freedom of religion, rejecting the lust for power, wealth and popularity, truthfulness, and love of one’s enemy. Our political system is broken. The Lord tells us that a house divided will fall. We are so divided, cannot our politicians work together for the common good? Our present political campaigns show us the need for God’s intervention. May He make evident to all that His way of life is what brings peace, prosperity and order.

CaveQuestWordPressBanner mbcThis week we begin two weeks of Bible Camp for our young children. This is a time of learning of and celebrating God’s love for us. Our children need that firm foundation of friendship with Jesus. We are responsible to hand down the faith to our future generation. Unfortunately, we are seeing the opposite. Many of our younger generation are ignorant of the teachings of Jesus. May all of us live our lives as examples of the Christian way of life. I ask parents especially to care for the souls of their children. Pray together at home, worship together, read from the Bible and live faithfully in the ways of Jesus.

Your financial giving has helped not only pay our bills, but to make some building improvements. We cleaned our ducts in the rectory, hall and Church, we painted the hall, we had the roof cleaned this past week and we added kneelers to the pews in the back of the Church. I thank you for your financial support and ask that you seriously consider electronic giving. I met with the finance committee this past Monday and setting up a budget is truly guesswork as we estimate our income. We have a good idea of our expenses but most of our income is determined by the collection of Sunday’s worshipping community. We are assured of at least $4,400 each week electronically. The other $11,000 is determined by attendance at Mass. It would be nice to see it the other way around. If not electronically, a monthly check would be an option. I also remind you to consider the practice of tithing. I ask for a portion of your 10%. The rest can provide support to other worthy organizations. So far we are doing well. However, it would be good to remove the guesswork from the equation.

I will be available for confessions this week on Tuesday, August 2, from 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,