Pastor’s Reflection for July 2, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

Last month, a duck made our rectory inner garden a home to lay her eggs. On the cover of our bulletin, you can see the arrival of 13 ducklings. They came out of their shells last week. We opened the gate and she left with her ducklings following her. Caleb was gracious in allowing her privacy as she made the garden her temporary home. You can see a video of the Saint Joseph ducklings at

On Tuesday we celebrate Independence Day. It is a great day for our country commemorating when we declared our independence from England.  We mark the day with parades, concerts and fireworks.  Wakefield does a great job of observing July 4th. Even in our daily lives, we celebrate when our children go off and take responsibility for their lives.  They no longer live dependently on their parents for the basic necessities of life.  Their independence is a mark of maturity.

We can also look upon this holiday with a spiritual reflection.  First of all, there is no celebration of independence from God.   In fact, if we were to be independent from God, we would be like a branch separated from the vine.  We would die.  This is why the Lord tells us that we are nothing and have nothing without Him.  He calls us sheep, for a sheep is dependent upon the shepherd for protection and nourishment.  If we are to be independent in our spiritual life, it should be from sin.  Jesus came to set us free from the power of sin and death.  When we confess our sins, we are free for the Lord forgives our sin and frees us from our guilt and shame.  True freedom is to live a life of holiness, loving our God and our neighbor. 

We have invested in a great program, FORMED, which is available to parishioners to access the truth, beauty, and meaning of the Catholic faith anytime, anywhere using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • Accessing FORMED is easy. 
  • Go to,
  • Scroll down to the “individuals” section,  enter parish code e5d163
  • Click “Submit Code.” 
  • Create your Profile and click “Submit Profile.”  Enjoy a wonderful adventure of learning and living our faith more fully.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,