Pastor’s Reflection for January 22, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the U.S. deemed abortion a fundamental right. Basically, they said that it was legal to take the life of an innocent child in the womb of the mother. How barbaric! As Christians, we believe that human life begins at the moment of conception. Scripture tells us that Jesus knit us in the womb of our mother. (Isaiah 44.2) At Lourdes, Mary declared herself to be the Immaculate Conception, that she was conceived in the womb of Anne without any stain of sin. God is the Author of Life, thus life is to be respected at the first moment of conception until natural death.

It is an interesting and sad fact that the case on which abortion was made legal was based on a lie. The woman in the case of Roe vs. Wade claimed that she was raped and that turned out to not be true. As a result, we have a law that has at its foundation a lie. You can see the hand of Satan in this for he is the father of lies and he comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.

Another aspect of legalizing abortion was the slogan that came with it in order to justify the act: “A woman has the right to choose.” It is her body and she can do what she wants with it. The truth is that she has a baby within her body that is another person. She has a right to choose but that only applies to before she is pregnant. After pregnancy, she is to nurture the life within.

As a society, we have sanitized abortion. I have seen pictures of the result of abortions and it is very gruesome. It is horrifying to see what happens to the child. I am of the school of thought that one should see the pictures of the child in the womb and then also see what happens to a child that is aborted. It may shock us out of our complacency. An aborted child is not a tissue, fetus or whatever word is used to make it sound neutral. It is a child, a living human being.

If one has gone through an abortion, God is a forgiving, merciful God. If we repent, God forgives. For those who may be suffering post abortion trauma, the Church has a group called Project Rachel to help you in the process of healing. You can reach them at 508-651-3100 or email them at

I will be available for confession this week on Tuesday, January 24, from 7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,