Dear Parishioners,

This weekend, we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. They are an example of what our own families should imitate – spouses loving and caring for one another, each growing in their own relationship with God, sharing that relationship as a couple and handing it down to their child. This feast day teaches us the importance of a family. The fact that Jesus became a child shows us the value of living in a family. The family is the foundation of the Church and society. Our society and Church are as strong as our families. It is sad to see that many families are broken, separated and in critical condition. We are in the Christmas season and this is a time when we celebrate how Jesus came to reconcile the human race with God. This is a time to do so in our families. This is a time to do what we can to bring peace to our homes. This is one of the first steps in bringing peace to the world. Let us forgive one another, let us renew our relationships. Life is too short to live in bitterness and anger. We are all sinners, we do hurt each other but we need to end the insanity of being an enemy to those who are family. Let us grow in our relationship with Jesus. Let us know of His love and mercy that will melt our frozen hearts and share that love with those near to us. For all families that are living in peace and harmony, you are contributing to the health of the Church and society. May the Lord bless you for living and sharing love for one another.

May the Holy Family intercede for all families that we may follow their example in loving God and one another. As we begin a new year, may we all see ourselves setting our priorities in the right order. Our souls are thirsting for God. Let us attend to our spiritual lives. Let us be faithful to daily prayer and the reading of the Scriptures. Let us make our Sunday worship a priority for the week. In fact, you may consider attending daily Mass. The chapel is open for Eucharistic Adoration and you may want to commit to a certain time each week to be in the presence of the Lord. There are specific time slots for which we need coverage.

May this new year bring you peace, joy, good health and love.

I wish to thank all who gave gifts this Christmas. Caleb also wishes to thank all who gave him presents.

This week we will be having our monthly Healing Mass on Wednesday, January 3, starting with the rosary at 7:00 p.m.

I will be available for confession this week on Tuesday, January 2, from 2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,