Pastor’s Reflection for December 27, 2015

Dear Parishioners,

We are now in our last week of the year. This Sunday we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. This feast reminds us of the importance of family. This is the place where we learn how to live with others, how to receive and give love. It is in the family that we receive instruction of what is the important aspects of life. As Christian families, our faith is our priority and is to be handed down to our children. This is one aspect that we need to once again make an important part of families that have children. This was the activity of the early Christian church. There was no religious education program in the early Church. Children were taught the faith by their parents.

Parents were also to be examples of how to live their faith. As it is said, children set their watches by the clocks of their parents. This is our main approach to our religious education program. In Grades 3-6, we have parents come to be instructed in the faith and we have them teach their children the basics of our Christian faith. As is said in the baptism rite, parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith. If you think of it, the old system was to have your children go to CCD one hour a week for 24 lessons. That comes to one day a year in religious instruction. Parents have their children every day of the year. So who really teaches them. If the faith is not lived in the house, then much is not accomplished by one hour a week. Parents are responsible for the religious education of their children. It is the most important duty for a child’s eternity is at stake. The most important thing for a parent is to see that their children are put on a path that will lead them to heaven. As a Church, we are to be there to help parents in their Holy_Familyresponsibility. If we can have the parents grow in a personal relationship with Jesus, then we have fulfilled our responsibility and the children are given an environment to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Family life is under a lot of pressure and is in critical condition. We pray that the Holy Family pray for our families, to help us imitate them in our own families.

This Friday is New Year’s Day. It is the feast of Mary, Mother of God. This is a good feast to begin our new year for Mary is a good example of being a disciple of Jesus, her Son. She was a woman in love with God and in love of neighbor. She was a woman who said “yes” to God. She said “yes” to the will of God in her life. As we make New Year resolutions, may we resolve to live more in the ways taught by Jesus. May we live in trust of God, obedient to His commands, love in our relationships and each day growing in our relationship with Jesus. May we live in trust of God, obedient to His commands, love in our relationships, and each day growing in our relationship with Jesus. May we live simply and acknowledge our many blessings. I do pray that this New Year bring you the peace and love of Jesus and may He shepherd you in all of your needs. May the Lord also bring peace to the world and delivers us from all the evil that we see present in this world.

On New Year’s Eve, the Praise and Worship Group will gather for an 8 p.m. Mass. They invite the community to join them for the Mass and for food in the hall. The Mass will fulfill your holy day obligation.

God love you,