Pastor’s Reflection for April 3, 2016

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. This special feast which falls every year on the weekend after Easter reminds us that our salvation is from the mercy of God. Jesus divinemercy2014paid the price of our salvation. It is always good to remind ourselves that we do not earn or deserve heaven. We enter as a guest of Jesus. You can say that in a way, Jesus paid for our ticket by shedding His blood on the cross. It is a gift but we still need to accept it. I have the freedom to reject a gift that is offered to me. My acceptance of this gift of heaven is by my walking faithfully in the ways that Jesus taught. So during this Easter season we can reflect on two truths. First, Jesus loves me. He gave up His life for me and overcame the power of sin and death. Death is no longer a total separation from God but rather a passageway to heaven for the faithful Christian. Secondly, I did nothing to deserve or earn this gift. It is a total mercy on the part of God to me.

We will have the Divine Mercy liturgy this Sunday. You can see the schedule in the bulletin. This is a good time to go to confession and the following may be helpful in an examination of conscience.

An Examination of Conscience

Prayerful consideration of the Ten Commandments gives us a way of reflecting on what we have done and failed to do.

  1. Is my relationship with God the most important thing in my life? Do I pray regularly? Do I consider God and the teachings of the Church when I make important decisions?
  2. Do I take the name of the Lord in vain? Do I curse, use foul language or ethnic slurs?
  3. Have I attended Mass regularly on Sundays and holy days of obligation? Do I give the Church financial support according to my ability?
  4. Have I fulfilled my duties to my parents and children? Am I respectful and considerate of them in my words and actions?
  5. Have I physically injured anyone intentionally? Have my words or actions caused others to suffer needlessly?
  6. If married, have I been faithful to my spouse? Have I indulged in pornography? Do I speak disrespectfully about sexuality or the human body?
  7. Have I taken anything that does not belong to me? Have I been dishonest in reporting income or seeking compensation?
  8. Have I failed to tell the truth, either to protect myself or damage someone else? Do I gossip or spread unflattering stories about other people?
  9. Am I envious of other people’s relationships? Am I grateful for my family and friends?
  10. Am I envious of the material success of my neighbors? Do I rejoice in the good fortune of others?

I would like to thank all those who sent cards this Easter.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,