Pastor’s Reflection for April 16, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

Happy Easter! This is the great feast of our faith. Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and has freed us from the powers of sin and death. We now have hope of eternal life. Jesus has saved us from eternal death and we are sharers in His victory if we walk faithfully in His ways. This event of the Lord’s Resurrection is such a great feast that we cannot contain it in one Sunday. Picture a juice glass and a pitcher of water. The juice glass is Easter Sunday while the pitcher is the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday cannot contain the fullness of this feast so it overflows to all the other Sundays of the year. We celebrate Easter every Sunday, that is why our Sabbath day is now the first day of the week or the eighth day for God is re-creating His people into being sharers of His life. The Jewish people celebrate their Sabbath on the seventh day for God rested after His work of creation. May we make Sunday a priority of our week in celebrating the gift of God, the gift of Salvation, the promise of eternal life. May we gather as God’s people to listen to His Word, offer the sacrifice that paid the price for our salvation and to receive the heavenly bread, the Body and Blood of Jesus, as food on this journey to our heavenly homeland. 

This Monday is the day of the Boston Marathon. It is a good spiritual teaching that spiritual life is not a dash but a marathon. We grow day by day in our relationship with Jesus as we do in any human relationship. God even took time in saving us. He chose a people through the calling of Abraham and after around 2,000 years, we had the birth of Jesus. The Lord even spent time in Nazareth before He began His public ministry. So we too need to acknowledge that holiness does not happen overnight. It takes daily prayer, Scripture, and perseverance to grow strong in our spiritual life. May we be faithful each day to live the life of loving God and neighbor.

Next Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. We will have devotions to the Divine Mercy. The schedule can be found on page 5 in this week’s bulletin.

I wish you and all those you love a blessed and holy Easter.

May Jesus continue to shepherd you in all of your needs.

God love you,